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City Council Meeting: July 15, 2014, 7:00pm

Audio and video cover items 3-9 on the agenda:
Approximate beginning and ending times of each agenda item are listed below.
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0:0 - 35:40 3. Discussion of Copper Queen Hospital Senior Care Facility Feasibility Study and Possible Approval of a Collaboration of Funding 50% for the Phase II Care Study in the Amount of $8,000. Jestin Johnson, City Manager
35:41 - 37:14 4. Discussion and Possible Approval of Resolution R-14-13 Supporting the Bisbee Animal Shelter Program and Grant Applications for Funds to Operate the Bisbee Animal Shelter. Jestin Johnson, City Manager
37:15 - 40:10 5. Discussion and Possible Approval of the First Amendment to the Contract for Services with Catholic Community Services of Southeastern Arizona for the Operations of the Bisbee Bus. Jestin Johnson, City Manager
40:11 - 46:12 6. Discussion and Possible Approval of Entering into Contract with Westland Resources, Inc. for the Development of Engineering and Environmental Reports for the Old Bisbee Sewer Lateral Project. Thomas Klimek, Public Works Director
46:13 - 1:11:34 7. Discussion and Possible Approval of a Settlement Agreement from Freeport Minerals Corporation in the amount of $100,000. Adriana Z. Badal, Mayor
1:11:35 - 1:23:57 8. Discussion and Possible Recommendation to Staff Regarding the Selection Process for the City Attorney. Jestin Johnson, City Manager
1:23:58 - 1:24:20 9. City Manager's Report: Other current events (No Discussion)