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6pm - 7pm: Democracy Now!

Title: Blue Canadian Rockies
Sweet Heart Of The Rodeo 1

Title: Courage
Artist: Milton Nascimento
Album: Courage (1969)

Title: Going Down This Road
Artist: Algia Mae Hinton
Album: Blues Guitar Women

Title: BisbeeGoodCakes
Title: janet
Title: OnTheMedia
Artist: New York Public Radio
Album: On The Media

Title: What's The Difference
Artist: Angst
Album: Mystery Spot (1987)

Title: Theme
Artist: David Kilgour & The Heavy Eights
Album: Left By Soft (2011)

Title: Karen&Jeff
Title: Bemba 'e Cuchara
Artist: Israel "Cachao" López
Album: Master Sessions Vol. II (1995)