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Chris Zip
Jazz Mix

Title: Do You Have Any Regrets?
Here Today! The Songs Of Brian Wilson (2015)

Title: darlene
Title: Poor Butterfly
Artist: Booker Ervin
Album: The Book Cooks (1960)

Title: The Biddie Griddies
Artist: Art Blakey
Album: Midnight Session 1957

Title: Never No Lament
Artist: Duke Ellington
Album: The Blanton-Webster Years

Title: Solfa-Lucas
Title: Ballad To Louise
Artist: Jaki Byard
Album: Family Man (1978)

Title: Forever Lasting
Artist: Vanguard Jazz Orchestra
Album: Forever Lasting: Live In Tokio Cd 2 (2011)

Title: A Half Sleep
Artist: Jeff Coffin
Album: Into The Air (2012)

Title: Body And Soul
Artist: Nick Brignola
Album: The Complete Bee Hive Sessions (2015)