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9:30am - 10am: Folk Pop

Title: Blue Highways
Cabinet Of Natural Curiosities
Blue Highways (2011)

Title: Ash In The Wind
Artist: Iain Matthews
Album: The Art Of Obscurity (2014)

Title: Street Blues
Artist: Elizabeth Cotten
Album: Elizabeth Cotten, Vol.3: When I'm Gone (2006)

Title: Set Things Aright
Artist: Daniel Martin Moore
Album: In The Cool Of The Day (2011)

Title: Everything's Alright
Artist: O's
Album: Between The Two (2011)

Title: Fine Fine Fine
Artist: Dori Freeman
Album: Dori Freeman (2016)

Title: health dept covid psa
Title: City of Bisbee April 2020
Artist: City Of Bisbee
Album: Underwriter

Title: How Green Was My Valley
Artist: John Fahey
Album: The Transfiguration Of Blind Joe Death (1965)

Title: Rebel Soldier
Artist: Woodbine & Ivy Band
Album: Sleep On Sleeping On (2015)