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Title: Cafe Roka

Title: Tempo Di Mennetto
Artist: Chip Davis
Album: Sunday Morning Coffee

Title: The Nightingale
Artist: Julie Cruise
Album: Floating Into The Night

Title: Kakolo
Artist: Makan Badje Tounkara
Album: Sodjan (2012)

Title: Sonata For Piano & Violin No 5 In F Major: Rondo, Allegro Ma Non Troppo (Beethoven)
Artist: Virtuoso Violin
Album: Virtuoso Violin 2

Title: Blue Again
Artist: Vondelpark
Album: Seabed (2013)

Title: susanp
Title: Winding It Out On The High Country
Artist: Roy Montgomery
Album: Scenes From The South Island (1995) (1995)

Title: Cable One
Title: Lam Yai Lam Poon
Artist: Namoiy Thammalangka
Album: Rough Guide To The Music Of Thailand (2003)