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Beauty Trip
Album: Television

Title: Beauty Trip
Television (1992)

Title: The Rotary Club Of Bisbee-Patricia
Title: Who's That Girl?
Artist: Eurythmics
Album: Greatest Hits (1983)

Title: Hounds Of Love (Alternative)
Artist: Kate Bush
Album: This Woman's Work Ii (1990)

Title: What Kind Of Man Are You
Artist: Ray Charles
Album: The Birth Of Soul: The Complete Atlantic Rhythm & Blues Recordings, 1952-1959 [disc 3]

Title: Fire
Artist: New Revelation - Costa Rica
Album: Rough Guide To Central America (2001)

Title: thisamlifeoutro
Artist: This American Life Outro
Album: This American Life

Title: norm
Title: thisamlifefri
Artist: This American Life (Friday)
Album: This American Life (Friday)

Title: The Table-Lucas