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A Real Slab
Ricked Wicky
Album: I Sell The Circus

Title: A Real Slab
Ricked Wicky
I Sell The Circus (2015)

Title: Soak It Up
Artist: Wussy
Album: Funeral Dress II (2011)

Title: Salt Of The Earth
Artist: Rolling Stones

Album: Beggars Banquet (1968)

Title: Complainte De La Butte
Artist: Cora Vaucaire
Album: Story Of Chanson

Title: Mile Marker 41
Artist: Ray Bonneville
Album: Easy Gone (2014)

Title: Copper City Inn-Joy
Title: Featherhead
Artist: First Communion Afterparty
Album: Earth Heat Sound (2013)

Title: Steerer Of The Stars
Artist: Space
Album: Space (1988)

Title: The Red Shoes
Artist: Kate Bush
Album: The Red Shoes (1993)

Title: Funky Yeah
Artist: Curley Moore & The Cool Ones
Album: In The Pocket With Eddie Bo (2008)