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7pm - 9pm: Recycled Music with Rafiki

Title: El Toro Joco
Rough Guide To Merengue & Bachata (2001)

Title: 3,6,9
Artist: Cat Power
Album: Sun (2012)

Title: Wait It Out
Artist: River Crombie
Album: Time Beyond Me (2011)

Title: The India Song (Alternate Mix)
Artist: Big Star
Album: Keep An Eye On The Sky 1

Title: Ndine Mubvunzo
Artist: Oliver Mtukudzi
Album: Paivepo (2000)

Title: CochiseColl-alison
Title: no.2 Station ID: Abrahm
Title: Ain't No Way
Artist: Jimmy Johnson
Album: Every Road Ends Somewhere (1999)

Title: The Nature Of Things
Artist: Ocean City Defender
Album: The Young Person's Guide To Modern Fashion And Etiquette (2013)

Title: California
Artist: John Murry
Album: The Graceless Age (2012)