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Ballad Of The Golden Hour
Album: Almanac

Title: Ballad Of The Golden Hour
Almanac (2013)

Title: Remember Tomorrow
Artist: Mo' Horizons
Album: Putumayo Presents: Asian Groove (2002)

Title: Nothing In My Way
Artist: Keane
Album: The Best Of Keane

Title: Smooth Operator
Artist: Sade
Album: Kyot Sampler 10

Title: fundraising youdecide Steve Foss
Title: Bisbee Realty-Charles
Title: Headsfull
Artist: Amy Millan
Album: Honey From The Tombs (2006)

Title: Sell Your Soul
Artist: Pink Mountaintops
Album: Get Back (2014)

Title: In Your Eyes
Artist: Michael Johnson
Album: The Early Albums

Title: Young At Heart
Artist: Brett Smiley
Album: Breathlessly Brett (2003)