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2pm - 4pm: Recycled Music with Rafiki (repeat)

Title: recycledmusic
Recycled Music

Title: Migration
Artist: Dori Caymmi
Album: Kicking Cans (1993)

Title: Station ID: John
Title: Grease In My Gravy
Artist: Doug Macleod
Album: No Road Back Home

Title: Two II
Artist: Weston
Album: A Real-Life Story Teenage Rebellion (1995)

Title: Somewhere Only We Know
Artist: Keane
Album: The Best Of Keane

Title: Mimosa Market-Bob
Title: Hightower Report
Artist: Jim Hightower
Album: Hightower Report

Title: demes
Artist: Democracy Now Headlines In Spanish
Title: Please Tell Him That I Said Hello
Artist: Dana
Album: 100 Hits: 70's, Disc 5 (2015)