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This American Life
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Title: thisamlifesat

Title: Tight Turn
Artist: Raybeats
Album: Children of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the Second Psychedelic Era - 1976-

Title: Mimosa Market-Bob
Title: sergio mendoza station id
Title: My Honey And Me
Artist: Emotions
Album: The Complete Stax / Volt Singles

Title: Tres Palabras
Artist: Enrique Iglesias
Album: Quizás

Title: Regenisraen
Artist: Game Theory
Album: Big Shot Chronicles (1986)

Title: Last Night I Dreamt...
Artist: Andy Wakeman
Album: Dreamers At Heart (2011)

Title: Raining In The City
Artist: Ronnie Bird
Album: Fading Yellow Vol 1 (2000)

Title: Sembe Sembe Boudou
Artist: Le Super Borgou De Parakou
Album: The Bariba Sound (2012)