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Mississippi Blues
Harmonica Slim
Album: West Fresno Blues Masters

Title: Mississippi Blues
Harmonica Slim
West Fresno Blues Masters (1992)

Title: Reflections
Artist: Damon & Naomi
Album: Fortune (2015)

Title: Happy Birthday
Artist: So Many Wizards
Album: Warm Nothing (2012)

Title: Lenorije Chaje (Bulgaria)
Artist: Ivo Papsov & Yuri Yunakov
Album: Rough Guide - Balkan Gypsies (2005)

Title: Never Enough
Artist: John Doe & Exene Cervenka
Album: Singing And Playing (2012)

Title: Acacia
Title: The Frog
Artist: Lonnie Brooks
Album: The '60s Hipster Lounge

Title: All The World
Artist: Bodeans
Album: American Made (2012)

Title: Coming Out Of The Fog
Artist: Arbouretum
Album: Coming Out Of The Fog (2013)

Title: When's She Comin' Home
Artist: Ditty Bops
Album: Summer Rains (2008)