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Cor Di Rosa
Mendes Brothers
Album: Cape Verde

Title: Cor Di Rosa
Mendes Brothers
Cape Verde

Title: Thuy's
Artist: Chris 022018
Album: Underwriter

Title: Busy Men
Artist: Lyres
Album: Lyres Lyres (1986)

Title: If You Got A Heart
Artist: Bobby Blue Bland
Album: The Anthology - Disc 2

Title: Ocean Of Diamonds
Artist: Jimmy Martin
Album: Songs Of A Freeborn Man (2003)

Title: Creatures
Artist: Stillwife
Album: Stillwife Ep (2012) (2012)

Title: A Nice Picture Of You (Early Days Version)
Artist: St. Augustine
Album: Resolution (Old Thoughts) (2012)

Title: Everywhere
Artist: Sons Of Champlin
Album: Loosen Up Naturally (1969)

Title: Cape Breton Island: Dan R's Favorite, Plus
Artist: Unlisted
Album: World Music Sampler Vol 2 (1995)

Title: How Can I Sing the Blues
Artist: Melissa Martin
Album: Lucky Girl (2009)